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    In the age of globalization, advancements in information technology and increased connectivity, the realm of marketing has undergone a sea change. Traditional marketing involved “brick and mortar” retail outlets, malls and multiplexes. This has now been replaced by e-commerce – a new frontier for marketing. Increased spending on advertising, celebrity endorsements, customer-friendly websites, the plethora of products and services available online, and easy access to these through social media have re-invented marketing completely.

    However, apart from conventional e-commerce, the paradigm shift in marketing can also be attributed to the “direct selling” and “multi-level marketing” models. Direct selling involves the marketing of products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer away from a fixed retail location, through personal demonstrations or online sales, and does away with long distribution channels and intermediaries such as retailers, wholesalers, and forwarding agents. Direct selling has become an extremely popular marketing model across the globe because of its tendency to cut costs, and increase rates of profit. The multi-level marketing model is a form of direct selling which involves sales based on word-of-mouth referrals, recruiting other sales representatives, and commissions based on the sales of such representatives.

    Apart from the minimum cost and low risk involved in direct selling, the popularity of this model stems from the fact that small businesses engaging in direct sales are able to provide a personal touch to their interactions with customers through personalized and tailor-made demonstrations and in turn, expand their professional network of contacts. This results in a steady stream of revenue from recurring customers who become loyal to the business’ brand. In addition, direct selling require less formal qualifications, but provides tremendous flexibility of working hours. In a sense, direct sellers are their own bosses.
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