MLM Prospecting Success – The Secrets to starting a Conversation with Someone You Don’t Know

We seem to hesitate and wonder what to say or do, and we often miss the chance to talk about our business to people who truly would be open to moving their life into a larger place.

Why does this happen?

Many times, it is a fear because of a lack of knowledge, or experience approaching people. Talking to people about your business starts with talking to people about anything but your business. Talk about their business and employment. Be interested in THEM, not you. And approaching people with a GREAT INTENTION is the secret.


Approach people that you do not know for only one reason: To see which category they fit into.

You see, in this world, there are only 2 types of folks:

People you CAN help, and people you CANNOT help.

And if someone that you are chatting with is totally satisfied with where they are in life, then odds are, they are someone who you really cannot help with your Network Marketing business. They may be too entrenched to be open to something new.

There is one trait that MUST be present to help someone with their future and life:


And you can listen to someone and tell if they have that trait in their life and career.

They must be dissatisfied about something in their life. It could be unhappy with their career, job, income, future, boss, lack of recognition in the workplace, etc. You need to LISTEN to their words and see where they are and listen for words like, “never,” “it’s a job,” “dread,” “it’s a living,” “change,” etc.

To approach someone is so easy, if you simply approach them with one thing in mind– seeing where they fall in the 2 categories of life. Someone that is totally happy and does not want to enlarge their life and lifestyle, or someone whose timing is good, and is ready to enlarge their life and lifestyle.

Here are 5 HOT ways to open up a conversation with someone that you happen to be in an elevator with, standing in line with, or just happen to be within proximity of a conversation:

1) “What do you do for a living?”

This question simply engages the person with a non threatening question to open up the conversation.

2) “That sounds interesting. How long have you been doing it?”

This question starts to uncover where they are in years, and you can tell how they answer it if they are proud of working in that profession or tired of it.

3) “What’s the name of the company you work for?”

This is a question that will determine where they are employed, and you can tell by their answer if they are truly excited about being there, or not. Someone who says, “I work for ABC company. They are so good to me!” or “They are a great company” THAT is a person who likes where they work. If they say, “I work for ABC company downtown and have been there for 12 years,” their focus is different here. It sounds like a prison term.

4) “Tell me about it. Do you enjoy what you do?”

This question will simply uncover if there is any hint of dissatisfaction in their career or employment. If they answer, “YES! I love what I do!” they probably are happy with their job. If they say, “It’s a living,” or “It’s a job,” or “It puts food on the table,” odds are they are not totally happy with what they do. Both answers though carry potential for Network Marketing.


One is totally happy with what they do, and the other is not. The first answer shows a potential great personality, and could be a potential positive asset to any company. The other answer shows some dissatisfaction, and may be looking for something better.

5a) “Just curious, are you keeping your income options open or know anyone who is where you work?”

This question simply sees if they are open to more money. Many times they will ask, “What do you mean?” I always answered “There is a company that I know that is looking for some talent. They are looking for people who are looking for more in life and to do better financially. I am not sure if it would be a fit here, but judging from our conversation, I believe it would be worth 15 minutes of your time. Gotta card or contact number?”


5b) “Do you know anyone where you work that is unhappy with their job? I know of a company that is looking for some talent and would love to talk to them.”

That’s it. That simple. That brief. I held this conversation with people thousands of times,and sold a lot of product, and recruited a lot of folks. How does it work? It simply is a conversation which puts people at ease.

If this business of MLM could be boiled down to one word, it would be CONVERSATION. And that is all it is. A simple, friendly, non threatening conversation that can be held with anyone, anywhere.

That is one of the many ways that you talk to folks you do not know about MLM and Network Marketing.

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