Haiti – Albania Pyramid Ponzis

Editorial – Lesson to be learned: If It looks to Good To Be True It Is !

27 July 2002 – Co-operatives with many members have long been used in Haiti to buy electric generators, water pumps and fishing boats for villages in Haiti. They were OK! Then along came Pyramid Ponzi schemes (disguised as co-ops) used to "buy income" for participants. They boomed after Haiti’s President Aristide off-handedly endorsed them. Now he has said the government will return the money to people that lost homes and life savings. Fat Chance! To do that he would have to shut down many schools and hospitals. He is just stalling for time. Aristide also said the U.S. is to blame because we have not showered them with money.

Economists and Investors just shake their heads. If anyone can produce a legitimate 10% a month return on investment, the world is going to move his or her money there. Swiss Banks, Wall Street Investment firms and your MLM Watchdog will jump in quickly. It doesn’t exist – suckers always get taken in. There are no secret trading pools where international banks make 10 and 20 return on investment. There are 10% returns on money buying/trading and at the same time the money trading losses average .0995%

Basically the Same happened in 1997 in Albania, one of the poorest countries in eastern Europe. Ex communist party bosses ran the pyramid ponzi scam giving it the air of validity. The collapse of the pyramid ponzi schemes there resulted in 27 deaths as people took to the streets in serious rioting.

GRQ never works! GRQ is short for Get Rich Quick (GRQ) = JERK!

Pyramid = as a room fills the head of the room – they get money and leave. Room splits and the next move up in the que to get money. No products or no products or services of value. Ponzi below becomes pyramid scheme when "rat dogs" are paidpaid part of Ponzi to bring new people (suckers) in.

Ponzi = the first in get paid to provide "bait" to other suckers who rush in on "seeing" proof the first guys are making money. Made famous in Boston in the 1920’s.

By MLM Watchdog.com

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