MLM Success- Secrets of Getting Your New Distributor off to a SCORCHING FAST Start

A List for Success. That is what I am talking about here. Every new distributor that joins a Network marketing Company needs a how to get started checklist when they get to create a map of what the need to do to get started…




If you have a checklist that a new distributor can follow and check off what he/she has done, then you have created a system that can not only be duplicated, but also taught.

By virtually anyone.

An MLM checklist also will provide another thing besides duplication:


If a new distributor knows that he/she will be asked about completing part of a checklist, then the odds of them doing it just went up a lot!

It simply shows the new mlm distributor tasks that need to be done, and a good checklist will even have the date the task was done.


If a new MLM distributor has a list of things that they must do, the seriousness of the focus they have will increase significantly.

Getting Started in MLM is easy!

You, as a sponsor, (when you become one) must provide a PATH to success in the beginning that WALKS the new network marketing distributor through the first tasks that need to be done.

And it must be a step by step path.

Your checklist must have some form of direction to it and purpose. It cannot be just a list of tasks that are meaningless. They must be what will get the new distributor prepared for the initial launch of their MLM business.

There are many forms and kinds of checklists. I have seen many out in the industry, and all of them differed in some way.

It’s not the list itself that is important as the fact that there is a track to follow and a path that you can access as you get started in this business.

A list should contain 3 things:

1) Tasks that Set up the new distributor with the company.

This part of the list should contain what is needed to get the new MLM distributor in the computer and inventory ordered, and anything else your company requires you to so.

2) A list of what needs to be done to set up and engage the business.

This can be as simple as a warm market list and a time to start calling the names.

3) Target Dates to accomplish the tasks.

Make the dates have a sense of urgency but not intimidating to the new person.

And a list should always be user friendly. Easy to follow and not complicated as this will expedite the new distributor’s willingness to get it done quicker.

Here is checklist that will work for any new Network Marketing distributor and get them focused and on track for success:

Steps to Success for a New MLM Distributor

1) Make sure all the paperwork is in and Product ordered.


2) Schedule the first Training Session and Kick off Meeting


Kick Off Meeting Agenda:

3) Go over the New distributor Manual-Section by Section


4) Call and get 3 way calling set up on their phone


5) Go through the tools and brochures and answer any questions


6) Start the warm market and "Hello it’s Me" letter list (Memory Jogger)


7) Go through Fast Start Training (If applicable)

Date: ___________________________________

8) Role Play with new distributor approach and 3 way script


9) Set time to start 3 way calls


10) Plan First Exposure Meeting with warm market


As you can see, the first part is to get the paperwork out of the way, and then you do what I call a Kick Off Meeting. This is a meeting that is set to train and officially kick off the business of the new Network Marketing distributor.


Every new distributor needs an Official Start to their business, and a Kick Off meeting accomplishes that Iis the starting point of where they start working their business.

Follow the steps to the Kick off meeting and if there is a Fast Start training from your company, go over that with them.

PassionFire has a Fast Start Training Manual- A Hot Start- The First 14 days-as well if your company does not have one. Check it out in our online store.

The tools are VERY important, and PassionFire has several tool trainings. Go over all the tools with the new distributor, and make sure they have an understanding of them.

Role play with the your upline with 3 way calling. This is a MUST! It will help create confidence in them and also show them the power in the 3 way.

Then plan their first exposure meeting, usually in their home, or a luncheon, or just setting appointments with the new distributor to go see people.

Go over this checklist with the new distributor, and START THEM OFF RIGHT in MLM and Network Marketing.

By Doug Firebaugh

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