MLM Success – Know the SEEDS of Change in Network Maketing

In Network Marketing, You are in the business of Change.

That you have learned on this “BLASTFire” Series on “How to Become an MLM FireStarter” …

But we have mentioned 2 things that are the actual SEEDS of Change, and need to be planted every phone call, every email, every conversation, and every communication…

Every plant that grew to 20 feet tall started with seeds.

Every garden started with seeds.

Every forest started with seeds.

Every Field started with seeds.

Every orchard started with seeds.

Every animal started with seeds.

You and I had to have a seed to be conceived.

And in MLM, Change has to have seeds to be planted as well in people’s minds and heartsâEUR¦

The MLM Millionaire.

Every millionaire in this Network Marketing industry has figured that out. But you must also know in success what the seeds of Change are.

If Change were an apple, and you cut it in half, you would see the CORE.

And at the core of the apple, are SEEDS…

They are the seeds of HOPE and POSSIBILITIES.

Those two things are the seeds that you plant in people’s minds and heart when recruiting. You deposit the HOPE of an incredible future, and the POSSIBILITY of it happening with you and your company.

SEED stands for:

“Success Exponentially Empowering Deposit”…

Plant those seeds and you will grow quite a bountiful harvest in your MLM and Network Marketing paycheck…

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