MLM Recruiting – The 4 Prospect Personality Types in MLM

You need to understand a little about each. After having recruited personally over 350 people, and talked to over 10,000 folks, you learn a few things. Hope this helps.
Here are the 4 kinds of people you will run into when Retailing and Recruiting in Network marketing.:

1) The Complainers. (50%)

There is roughly about 50% of the population that falls into this category. And they are the ones that will be the most negative. The language of the complainer is simple: It is negative.

And they use words like: “Never. Impossible”. “Scam”. “Rip Off.” “Can’t”. “Broke”. “No way.” “Won’t”. “Used to be.” “No Use.” “Won’t ever happen.” “Fool.” “Can’t.” “Won’t.” “Lose.”

You get the idea.

And these folks are the ones that will find something wrong with just about everything, including what you are showing them.

“Oh come on! Don’t tell me you fell for that scam about anti aging- weight loss- energy gain- pie in the sky stuff! You are so easily deceived!”

And they will always give you reasons why the products will not work, the business will not work, the comp plan will not work, the distributors won’t work. And it goes on and on. Pray for them and see if they at least will try the product.

2) “People Who Think they Think”. (30%)

These are the mental robots of the world. They think they are thinking , but actually, everybody else is doing their thinking for them. Whatever “the crowd” is thinking, or believing, the “think they thinkers” are right in the middle of it, and that is dominating their life.

“OH! I saw on TV where these kind of products will kill you! There was 10 people who died of Vitamin C pneumonia just last week! That stuff will make you sicker than a dog, or worse!! I know what I am talking about!”

“I heard about this kind of a business. Most people end up in jail, and I know someone who knows someone that got out just in the nick of time before the US Army invaded the company’s office with a full batallion of army tanks and paratroopers. They went straight into that big office. Actually it was a trailer in the desert so no one could find them! Is your company hiding too?”

They simply go along with what is called “Group Think”, and as you guessed it: Whatever the group is saying, so they parrot. And if you run into these type of people, understand that it is more important for them to be a part of the group and how they think, then to be exposed to something that could change their life!

3) “The Thinkers”. (15%)

These folks actually think for themselves, and they are quite independent. But the problem is:

The think. And they Think. And they think. And they Think. And they think.

And when you follow up with them, “Oh, I am still thinking about it”

And they think. And think. And think some more.

Many times, thinkers become parlayzed, because they THINK they will make a mistake, and then they THINK what will happen then.

Many are worriers because of what they are thinking, and there thoughts create the worry!

Get referrals. And give them 21 days to think about it, and if they are still thinking, then say ‘I am glad you are taking this so seriously. By the way, who do you know that would love to look younger-lose weight-like soft skin-loves the internet-earn an extra 500.00 a month?”


4) “The Doers”. (5%)

Simply, they are too busy doing to be slowed down with complaints, Group Think, and worrying over making a mistake.

They many times go- “Ready-FIRE-Aim!” They want to GET SOMETHING GOING!

“An imperfect plan engaged today is a million times more powerful than a perfect plan engaged tomorrow.”- Bill Gates

Doers are simply focused on:

Creating. Building. Moving. Recruiting. Sharing. Talking. Meeting. Prospecting. Training. Learning. Increasing. Enlarging. Helping. leading. Attending.

Which one are you? You need to be a DOER!

A certain distributor asked a person to be on a recruiting call with her, because she needed someone to be on with her. “Just show up, and I will have my guest! Won’t try to sell you anything, but I need a guest on the call.” Guess what?

They ended up signing up! Here is what she said:

“Hey, I need a favor. I gotta have someone on a conference call monday night so I will not look bad. Could you please help me for 10 minutes and you don’t have to say anything. They won’t try to sell you anything, just be my guest? It would really help me out!”

THAT is a DOER! Your goal on every recruiting call should be to BLOW OUT THE LINES!

Study this training again, and make sure that you focus on finding Doers, not complainers in your MLM and Network marketing business.

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